Things You Must Do Before Having a Pet

Things You Must Do Before Having a Pet

Bringing a new puppy is an exciting time, but before doing that there are a few things that must be on your priority list, to make sure your place is safe for your new little friend.

We at beardsnpaws would like your pet to feel safe at all times, knowing which plants are toxic it would be recommended if you could either replace them with non-toxic plants.

Keep all medications, including any pet supplements in a safe area where the pet cannot have access, and try not to leave vitamins or other pills out on the kitchen counter or table, Do not leave vitamins or other pills, dogs are determined chewers can make short work of plastic containers.

In a study, it was seen that puppies are surprisingly quick at pulling things off from the end of the table and low surfaces.

The next, one is the bathroom trash can. We always recommend pet parents to put them at a high place that pets cannot get into, make sure their leash is made from great material, is extremely durable yet very pleasant to the touch, and is slip-proof.

Electric cords are a big danger to the puppies, as they are compulsive chewers while playing; If unattended they can burn in the mouth or in worst cases even die by electrocution.

Any type of fire could be dangerous; Just never leave your puppy unattended in a room with an open flame.

Pets are extremely innocent and are always in a mood to play around, try not to keep small objects in open spaces like coins, buttons, threads, toys, etc, coins can be easily swallowed and contain metals that are toxic.

Do not leave your puppy outside unsupervised. To prevent your puppy from wandering, you will need to either build an outdoor kennel or provide secure fencing that your puppy cannot jump over or dig under.

To Sum Up

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