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Automatic Interactive Feather Toy for Cats

Automatic Interactive Feather Toy for Cats

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Keep your cat entertained and active

Make playtime fun and engaging for your furry friend

Are you tired of your cat being lazy and inactive? The Automatic Interactive Feather Toy for Cats is the perfect solution to keep your furry friend entertained and engaged. The toy has a built-in motion sensor that will activate the feather toy whenever your cat comes near it, encouraging them to play and exercise. With this toy, your cat will never be bored again

Worry-free playtime for you and your pet

The Automatic Interactive Feather Toy for Cats is designed with your cat's safety in mind. The feather toy is made of non-toxic materials and is attached to a durable wand that can withstand your cat's playtime. The toy also has a safety feature that will automatically turn off after 10 minutes of play to prevent overstimulation. This toy is perfect for busy pet owners who want to provide their cats with safe and worry-free playtime

  • Automatic feather toy that keeps your pet entertained and ensures they get enough exercise.
  • Automatically shuts off for ten minutes every 1.5 hours so your cat can rest.
  • The ball rotates 360 degrees and has a smart obstacle avoidance sensor.
  • Rechargeable with a long-lasting battery that lasts 8 hrs in default mode.
  • Various accessories for attachment such as feather, plus chick, and charms.
  • Color-changing LED wheel to catch your cat's attention.

Hassle-free toy maintenance for pet owners

The Automatic Interactive Feather Toy for Cats is easy to use and maintain. Simply turn on the toy and watch as your cat plays with the feather toy. The toy is also easy to clean, simply detach the feather toy from the wand and clean it with a damp cloth. The wand can be wiped down with a cloth as well. With this toy, you can provide your cat with endless fun without the hassle of difficult maintenance.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Joyce L.
Great Kitty Toy!

My cat loves this thing.. I don't mind it but it will wake up in the middle of the night and roll around the house.. Scared me a few times! lol.. Kitty will not be disappointed!

Mercy's Favorite

My cat loves this toy! The sensor could improve, and the button sticks on occasion, but considering the price it's worth it.

Lisa V.
Best Cat Toy!

This is the GREATEST cat toy ever! My Maine Coon loves this thing! It's totally durable, the rechargeable battery lasts a longtime and he loves chasing this thing! It lights up, starts,stops and spins. The changeable attachments hold up extremely well, even with an extremely playful kitten! 100% recommend this!

Fun toy for cats to keep them entertained!

Cats love this thing! One cat more than the other but it does keep them entertained!

best cat toy ever

I was skeptical since all the toys I bought were useless. It is a great toy. I am so happy,