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Dog Training Collar w/ Remote

Dog Training Collar w/ Remote

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  • 3 safe and effective training modes: This dog training collar with remote offers 3 safe modes (beep, vibration, and shock) to educate your dogs.
  • Designed for pet owners, dog walkers, and professional trainers. This training collar can correct habits like barking, chewing, biting, and digging.
  • The security keypad lock prevents any accidental corrections. 
  • Train two dogs with the remote with an additional collar.
  • Portable and convenient design: fingertip-placed controls, thumb dial, and small-size remote. The remote and collar are USB-rechargeable as well.
  • Ten adjustable levels of correction.
  • Convenient for outdoor use due to the long-lasting battery. The collar receiver's battery lasts 15 days on standby mode.
  • Easily adjustable and suitable for dogs of all sizes.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Love this company and these collars!

This is our second collar from Dog Care as we wanted to have one to keep in our camper when we travel. We have a giant Berner pup (now 1 years old) and while he has such a good temperament and great with kids he would become territorial and charge/bark at neighbors/dogs if they walked by our property. This collar has been a lifesaver and helped us train him so quickly and without having to even shock him once! I avoided getting something like this for a year because I didn't like the idea of the shock but our Berner has been very responsive to the vibrate setting so we haven't even had to use the shock settings. We just use the vibrate and treats to reward the good behavior we want repeated and have had wonderful success! Thank you Dog Care!

Olivia zabelOlivia zabel
Awesome training tool

My dog is a whole new dog after this collar. I do not shock him unless he is running away or getting into something unsafe. The beep/vibrate is enough for him. No more barking at my neighbors, no more barking/begging at the table. He is very well behaved with this tool that helps direct his attention back to me!

Worked great

Kids wouldn't paint the fence they kept getting the neighborhood kids to do it for them. I added the collar into the mix just as it works with a animal the kids finished the fence with minimal twitching after one Zap the vibrating function is enough to stop them without knocking them out unable to paint fence that huckleberry kid is clever.

Jessica A. Chandler
Worth every penny but.. must be aware of build quality

This is a great unit for the price. The "issues" are only a few and only one seriously needing a redesign.1. To ensure it is on is pretty confusing. One "safety" button, a second supposedly to pick broadcast channel that I swear only works in the up position, and a dial that sets level of shock.2. In order to be sure you have actually armed the unit, hold it in your hand prongs up and press the beep button once, and the vibrate button once. If both work you are ready to put it on your dog. NOTE: The intensity dial MUST be on and set to at least one for this to work.3. This is the redesign issue. The remote has a HUGE orange button for shocks. It is clearly just a spring switch and the build quality so low that if you are not careful it can get STUCK ON and you won't notice til your dog goes insane out of pain. Always LOOK AT THE UNIT IF PRESSING THE SHOCK BUTTON AND BE SURE IT DISENGAGES!!!Finally, it is far too easy to accidentally roll the intensity button to increase the shock without realizing.So, for the price it's a deal. If you can't, like me, afford a $150 cost this is a great choice, just BE CAREFUL and keep your mind on your dog's safety.It's a great training tool and is adding much needed discipline to my Belgian Malimois' life.

Kristina MuffKristina Muff
Great product

This does not have to be that high up for my 75 pound dog. Love this product for training. The remote is smaller and easier to hold & fits in your pocket. The collar also has a power switch.