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Foldable Single Door Metal Dog Crate

Foldable Single Door Metal Dog Crate

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    • DIMENSIONS: 24" L X 18" W X 19" H
    • Single door design with secure locking system for your pet's safety.
    • Includes a black removable and washable pan.
    • Foldable system for portability, storage., and travel.
    • For small breeds and puppies up to 25lbs


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    He is highly energetic and the frame is sturdy enough and has no problem holding him in

    I ordered this cage for my new rescue, a five year old Shih Tzu/Yorkie mix. He is highly energetic and the frame is sturdy enough and has no problem holding him in. He has enough room to lie down and stretch, stand up, and move but not enough to get into trouble. He generally hates cages and does hate this one, though not as much as his previous one, which was a plastic airline-approved one. This one at least gives him more a view.It was a snap to set up (literally) and I love that it folds up and can be put away. It is exactly as advertised and a fantastic bargain at the price.

    Excellent product

    Was very happy with this product! It was very easy to put together and the price was excellent for the quality. I had gone to the pet store before we got our puppy and saw these for no less than $40, so I was worried of he quality of this one since the price was almost half. So glad my fears were unfounded. I have a 10 pound puppy that I can see growing into this size very easily, even if she more than doubles. It was very sturdy and there were no metal pieces protruding to scratch my furniture or walls. Again, very happy with this purchase!


    Easy to assemble. Just the right size for my pug/beagle mix (20 pounds) to sleep in at night.

    Emily Stock

    I LOVE THIS! My dog is an 8 month old Australian shepherd/beagle mix. Since I got him 2 months ago, he hasn't been staying in a kennel. He sometimes tears stuff up when I'm gone so I HAD to get him one. I thought he would absolutely hate it but I kept feeding him in it and the first night we had it, he climbed in it voluntarily to go to sleep :) I really like how the door of it stays open too- it doesn't swing shut if he's in there and makes it available for him to go in an out as he pleases. (It's a blurry pic but I was so elated when he got in it I had to take a picture with the flash). It was also really easy to set up.

    Good quality, great price.

    Decent quality crate that is perfect for my needs and almost identical to the one I paid twice the price for.