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Single Door Life Stages Dog Crate | 42"

Single Door Life Stages Dog Crate | 42"

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  • This single-door folding crate measures 42" L x 28" W x 31" H & is suitable for large dog breeds.
  • Quick assembly without any tools required. You can fold it flat for convenient storage or travel.
  • Heavy-duty slide-bolt latch securely locks dog crate door in place.
  • Patented rounded corner clips greatly reduce possible sharp points in your dog's crate for a safer experience.
  • This dog crate includes a divider panel, durable dog tray, carrying handle, and "roller" feet to protect floors.
  • The Life Stages crate uses heavy gauge steel and has a tighter wire mesh, making it stronger than your average crate.


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Customer Reviews

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sean sankersean sanker
Excellent crate

Excellent crate. I bought a similar unit 15 years ago for my other dog. This one is much better because the metal is coded. The divider is a fantastic idea for a growing puppy. The included handles are nice. Removable spill/pee tray is rugged. Bottom plastic guards protect the floor.

Sandy McClanahan
Excellent crate, easy to assemble. Goes great with a Dogbed4less Orthopedic memory gel bed (link ...

Easy to assemble and the perfect size for my 35-pound Australian Cattle Dog mix.IF you want to make this your dog's den for sleeping at night, consider purchasing a Midwest Life crate cover, which covers the back, sides, and top of the crate. It removes easily. For comfort at the bottom of the crate, consider buying a Dogbed4less Orthodpedic memory gel bed that almost perfectly fits the bottom of this crate. It's water proof and comes with two washable microfiber-type covers, one brown, one grey. I'm not a pitchman for Midwest Life Stages or Dogbed4less. I've owned dogs for almost forty years and this is perhaps the best crate/bed setup I've had.

Love these crates for our Akita!!

We have the extra large (48") for our 80 lb Akita, and she has plenty of room (which is good, because she probably isn't done growing yet....little buffalo). She likes the extra space.We bought the 36" for travel, since we couldn't fit her XL in our Fit - and honestly, it was heavy enough to be a pain to carry. And while our puppy acts like she is dying from being so cramped, this size is ok for her. I don't like it for everyday use, but it's ok for the occasional overnight while traveling.Escaping. Our girl would prefer to complain that try to escape, so we don't have a real try'er here, but she will lean against the door, etc, and it never budges. Love these crates!!

Cathy C.
Great product

Great product. Very sturdy and easy to open. I purchased this for my three cats so that if ever had to evacuate or wanted to take them on vacation. They hate being in individual kennels, to the point of having anxiety attacks and will start hyperventalating and drooling. I purchased the 42" one and all three walked in and checked it out. Fits fine with room for a litter box, and their food and water bowls mounted on the sides. I anticipate that I'll have to drape a sheet to keep too much draft off them from the air conditioner. Others suggested zip tying the divider to the wall to form a shelf for additional space, but we'll see how this works and go from there.

Tyler B
Excellent pet crates!

I currently own two of these crates. They are very well made and I couldn't find a better price on them anywhere. I bought the first crate after we adopted our current rescue puppy. Without knowing anything about her breed mixes I over estimated how large she would grow and ended up with a crate that was larger than needed. After a year and a half she still sleeps in it so we got a smaller crate to fit better in the room. We're definitely keeping both since they fold up and store very well. It's great to have a spare in case we need it for a foster dog or kittens.Be aware the opening around the base of these crates just above the plastic pan may be large enough for the dog to slip their paw through to scratch or pull on whatever may be nearby. These crates are excellent to provide a pet a safe place to rest and keep them from roaming around the house, building, etc. They cannot be relied on to reliably contain a strong or very anxious dog. If the dog has anxiety about being in the crate while left alone or becomes restless, it's possible they could damage the nearby flooring or pull anything nearby into the crate with them. In the past we had a dog that escaped from the crate because of severe separation anxiety and learned to manage him otherwise.