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Waterproof GPS Dog Tracker | White

Waterproof GPS Dog Tracker | White

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  • Follow your furry friend's every step in real-time on your phone. See where your dog has been and what they've been up to.
  • SUBSCRIPTION PLAN NEEDED - Monthly, 1 year, 2 year and 5 year plans available starting at $4.99 per month. Try risk-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Mark safe spaces like your garden, and know the moment your dog leaves and when they come back safely.
  • Track active time, rest, and calories burned. Set fitness goals to keep your pet active.
  • Small, lightweight, and waterproof GPS tracker.
  • Tracks pets throughout the USA, Canada, and 150 other countries. Manage all features via the free app for iOS and Android.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Mrs. Susan M. Sidley
Best dog tracker in the woods!

My dog loves to wander off in the woods chasing deer so I had purchased another tracker from a rival company mainly as my mobile was on their network so I (stupidly) thought it would have the best coverage. A big mistake as I should have bought the Tractive 4G tracker instead. The other tracker was never accurate and then fell off after a week. Ironically, the tracker couldn't let me locate it so I had to find a replacement.I asked for reviews on a local dog walkers group and lots of owners really rated the Tractive. I bought the 4G version to ensure I had good coverage when my dog was off lead.It was very easy to put on my dogs harness and collar and he doesn't notice it when it's on. So far after 2 weeks of using it I'm really impressed. It has located him 99% of the time, even in heavily wooded areas. The live tracking feature is great as you can see your dog running back to you. It's given me real peace of mind knowing whether or not he is near on a walk. We've also used the light and sound feature when he was running around in our garden in the dark refusing to come in!The sharing location feature is also a helpful feature if my husband or friend wants to walk our dog.I wish I had bought the Tractive first as it really is in a different league to my previous tracker.

Excellent tracker

After some initial problems with the activation, support helped me to solve the issue. Everything is working as expected now. The tracking isas accurate as it should be. I also enjoy to see how many calories my dog burns and how active they are being in the day. I give it 5 stars, as the support's response was really fast and nice.

Jake C.
Accurate live tracking to know where your dog is at all times!

We were desperate for an accurate tracker to keep an eye on a mad Cockapoo who loves to run and chase squirrels! Tractive allows me to track him in real time so that I always know where he is. We have usedlive tracking' for an hour at a time and never had any problems with battery life.

Small and effective

After we heard about one of our puppy's litter mates bolting and getting lost, we decided we needed a GPS tracker, so we researched what was available. Tractive had good reviews and the device seems smaller than a lot of their competitors. It is quite light and its shape means it doesn't get in the way of the dogs movement. Our puppy certainly doesn't seem to mind having it attached to his collar at all. He looks a bit like he is wearing a white bow tie.All these GPS trackers work in a similar way to your mobile phone - it has a GPS antenna, bluetooth, a lithium battery and connects to mobile internet to send the data back to you. Because of this you need to pay for a subscription on top of the cost of the device, so factor this in when comparing prices. Tractive offer a range of options that get cheaper per month the longer you commit to. They also offer insurance in case the device is lost or damaged. You buy the device first, and when you're setting it up you decide what contract you want.There is an app that you connect the device to, which allows you to track the position of your dog. It also measures how active your dog is, like a Fitbit. The bluetooth connection allows you to turn a light and/or a siren on the device, to help locate the dog if you are close but can't see him (in the dark or if he's hidden in the undergrowth.The GPS is less accurate inside buildings, which I find is the same with my phone. There are "normal" and "live tracking" options in the app. "Normal" updates the device's position every few minutes, and is the default when switched on. "Live tracking" updates the position every few seconds, so you can find the dog if you lose him. Live tracking uses more battery so it switches off automatically after 5 minutes, but you can switch it back on if you still haven't found the dog. You can set "virtual fences" so that you get an alert if the dog goes outside a certain area, useful if your dog likes to take himself for a walk. There is a limit to how small these can be, and I found this was necessary because of the accuracy of the GPS; any smaller and the alerts would trigger due to the error in position from the GPS.There is an obvious trade off between the size and weight of the device and battery life. I found when switched on and not using the live tracking, the battery lasts about 2 and a half days, so if you charged it every other day, it would probably never run out. The app has alerts that tell you when the battery reaches 10% (low) and 5% (very low), so you will know it needs charging.In summary, I'm happy with the Tractive GPS, and would recommend it.

Good tracker, brilliant customer support

Good results so far - can track accurately. Slightly disappointed by battery life - just about 36 hours, but I am told that is because we have a weak telephone signal. App is very good, and customer support is totally excellent - the best I have ever come across (and that is really impressive).